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28th Annual Homicide Investigator’s School – Mass Shooting Investigtions

Currenty, there is more than one mass shooting in America PER DAY. From Jacksonville a few days ago to Mandalay Bay Concert Shooting in 2017, this has become an epidemic in America. Why is this a problem in America when other countries such as Japan, Germany, Canada and other 1st world Countries don’t face this problem yet still have the same influences such as video games, drugs, and angst filled teenagers as Americans do? How can we slow down the tide of mass murders in our Country and ultimately our own jurisdiction?

From 59 victims in Las Vegas to two victims in Eureka, Utah and everywhere in between citizens are getting murdered doing everyday things. like going to concerts or shopping centers to visiting friends You will hear from two experienced criminal experts who have inside knowledge and information about the Country’s biggest killings such as The Movie Theater mass murder of 12 innocent people in Aurora Colorado to the murder of 59 concert goers in Las Vegas. You will hear different theories and ideas as to why this is such a problem in our Country. You will hear from a survivor/police officer of the Las Vegas Concert shooting, how he helped save others including his wife and two friends as well as how this effected his outlook and thoughts on police work.

You will hear from several different police officers from the area who handled mass murders in their jurisdictions including where young children and family members lost their lives at the hands of those they trusted and loved. You will learn how this effected the investigators personally and how it effected our community. You will learn valuable information as to how this is happening in our towns and how likely you are to face the same type of investigation.

If your city hosts carnivals, rodeos, concerts, gatherings, plays or any other festival where many people congregate, you can’t afford to miss this training, and neither can the citizens you’ve been sworn to protect afford for you to miss it. Visit our website to get the latest information on topics, instructor information, what is included in your tuition and learn about group discounts for your agency.