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5 Day Interviews and Interrogations

Course Description: This investigator training class specifically covers interview and interrogation techniques for Law Enforcement Officers and Investigators; featuring hands-on, experiential, proven interrogation techniques. Upon completion of this course, officers will be able to:
• Properly plan and prepare for an interview/interrogation
• Enhance rapport-building
• Assess subject types
• Understand and assess deceptive behavior
• Understand and properly use questions
• Conduct free-format, cognitive, and elimination interviews
• Proactively prevent false confessions and admissions
• And much more….
More information and updates can be found at: http://www.getconfessions.com
Students are provided a website password at the course to access the alumni section resources.
Background: Based in northern California, the Interviews and Interrogations Institute (III) has been providing superior law enforcement interview and interrogation training in the Western United States since 1982. In 2012, III began instructing for the Los Angeles Police Detective Training Unit and assisting the unit in designing an in-service interview and interrogation course for ongoing in-service detective training.
Fees: $499.00 includes tuition and materials with a maximum class size of 60 students.

Course Contents: Topics presented include:

1. Predictable Human Behavior
2. Gestures and Proxemics
3. The Psychology of Deception
4. Utilizing Polygraphs & C.V.S.A.
5. Free-Format, Cognitive, and Elimination Interviews
6. The 10-Step Plan to Successful Interrogations
7. Practical, Hands-on Applications of Techniques
8. And much more!

Small group activities and discussions highlight knowledge and application of techniques.
Who Should Attend: Investigators, detectives, officers, agents, and supervisory personnel who are responsible for conducting or overseeing criminal interviews and interrogations of victims, witnesses, and suspects– especially where suspect custody has attached.
Instructor: Lieutenant Jason Woodard, Sparks Police Department– Jason holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and is a 24-year law enforcement veteran. His assignments have included Patrol Officer, Detective, Patrol Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Training Sergeant, and Watch Commander. Jason has held investigative assignments in person crimes (including robbery homicide, child homicide and sex assaults), property crimes, backgrounds, and the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Strike Team; he was also a SWAT team member and Sniper Section Leader. Jason was the lead case agent on numerous high-level cases as well as multiple capital homicide cases and developed a reputation within the law enforcement community for his interview and interrogative skill and compassionate treatment of victims and their families.
Contact: For questions or more information, contact Jason Woodard’s cell 775-240-1938; email thehumancaliber@gmail.com or visit the website at www.getconfessions.com.
Our Guarantee: If you attend one of our seminars and can honestly say it wasn’t worth your time or money, we will refund your tuition in full. That’s not a promise any of the competitors make.
References available upon request.

Location: Sandy Police Department
10000 Centennial Pkwy #111
Sandy, UT 84070