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Open enrollment. Course provided by US Special Missions Unit instructors with extensive combat experience.

Standard course cost: 550.00/ per person. Course cost for UT LE who sign up via this site: 150.00 as investment in local LE units.

Course appropriate for intermediate and professional shooters.

Use Code UTLE.

2 Day course; Kamas.

MODERN PISTOL. A course for any level shooter with no prerequisites. Learn and progress the modern fundamentals of pistol manipulation from the world’s most highly trained combat specialists. Course is Pass/Fail. All training provided with real world context.



ARC Syndicate provides instruction designed by Special Missions Unit Professionals.

Professionalism comes from systematic mastery of the fundamentals of firearms manipulation. Practice makes a pro.

ARC courses are not one-offs. We provide a progressive course structure designed for you, the shooter. Our goal is for you to progress and become the best you can be.

US Special Missions units have developed the absolute best in firearms training. We bring that to you in a curriculum, a building block structure of classes that are engaging, collaborative and provide instant feedback. We are not just a training company. We are your partner.

Compete against yourself. Become the best you can be. Train with ARC.

ARC is part of a family including ODDR, firearm, suppressor and security companies.