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Basic Death Investigation & Scene Management (3 day)

1-2 attendees $199 each, 3-4 attendees $189 each, 5 or more attendees $175 each. The first day only has registration from 7:30 AM until 8:30 AM. This course can help the new officer as well as the veteran officer understand a death investigation, and some of the knowledge that plays into that investigation. Learn several different course subjects that relate to a death investigation. Including: medical examiner vs coroner and purpose, cause and manner of death, death scene protocol, interaction with physicians, interaction with grieving families, autopsies, post mortem changes, sharp force injuries, traumatic injuries, motor vehicle fatalities, asphyxiation, infant death, gunshot wounds, thermal injuries, natural disease, case studies, and crime scene management. Heber City is 45 minutes away from Salt Lake International airport. There are two recommended hotels in the area; Best Western and Holiday Inn. Both are a short 5 minute drive to the police department.