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Cell Phone and Social Media Investigations – 2 Day Course – Farmington, Utah (Davis Co. Sheriff)

This training is ideal for investigators who want to learn how cell technology works, the dynamics of cell phone downloads and call detail record data, and how that data can be leveraged to improve the quality of their cases. Attendees will learn how to obtain and analyze cell phone downloads, obtain call detail records from the major cell phone carriers, how to decipher the information contained in the records and how to use those records to further their investigative efforts. Additionally, this training will focus on collecting social media information from various platforms such as Google, Facebook, Snap Chat, etc.

Participants will also learn how to obtain the proper files for location mapping of call detail records and social media location histories, and which file types are ideal for mapping purposes from various mediums, such as cell phone records, social media records, GPS units, etc. Attendees will be shown how location maps are created and be familiarized with the software used to create these maps. Finally, students will learn how to write a proper legal demand for various platforms, interpret records, document the information in police reports, and explain call detail and social media records and mapping to others.