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Comprehensive School Resource Officer Training

Join us for an informative and collaborative event focusing on various critical aspects of school and community safety. This event will cover:
• School Resource Officers Role: Understand the vital role of school resource officers in maintaining a safe educational environment.
• Legal Update: Stay updated on the latest legal developments affecting school safety and law enforcement as well as covering current and future laws taking effect.
• CSTAG – Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines: Learn about the comprehensive guidelines for assessing and managing threats within schools.
• Partnership between LEO’s and School District’s: Explore the collaboration and MOU’s between Departments and School District’s to enhance school security.
• SVU – Sex Crimes and Juveniles: Gain insights into handling sex crimes involving juveniles, with a focus on sensitive and effective approaches.
• School Staff Collaboration & Data for Student Support: Discover strategies for school staff collaboration and utilizing data to support student well-being.
• UFA Emergency Medical Training: Participate in emergency medical training provided by UFA, focusing on patient triage and essential techniques.
• Open Discussion: Engage in open discussions on a variety of other relevant topics.
This event promises to be a comprehensive session for those involved in school safety, law enforcement, and student support. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and network with professionals in the field.

SIGN UP: https://forms.gle/AQoJysKdHPx4fqT29