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Criminal Interview and Interrogation + Advanced Workshop

Obtain training in the latest, most effective interview and interrogation techniques, including the WZ Non-Confrontational Method. Learn to assess verbal and non-verbal behavior, become more effective on the focus of an investigation, and obtain reliable information. Gather a variety of non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques to overcome the resistance of victims, witnesses, informants, and criminal offenders.
The 3-day WZ Seminar on Criminal Investigative Interviewing Techniques is designed to teach and reinforce the sound fundamentals of the interview and interrogation process for the professional investigator. This training course offers a broad range of cutting-edge methods and proprietary tools to conduct more effective interviews and interrogations, resulting in identifying the truth more efficiently and with less resistance.
Using actual investigations this course offers a diverse collection of case studies to provide strategic tactics to establish guilt and prosecute the offenders.