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Crypto for Cops: Beginning Your Investigation

February 9 @ 9:30 am - 11:00 am


This is a LIVE ONLINE training event that covers a very focused and intentional topic for law enforcement officers and investigators.

The beginning of a cryptocurrency related financial crime investigation is arguably the most important part.

During your initial interaction with the victim you need to be able to accomplish three very important goals:

1) You need to understand the informaiton the victim is relaying to you and be able to identify the type of crypto related crime they are reporting.

2) You need to know the important information to obtain from the victims and the questions that you need to ask in order to obtain it.

3) You need to understand how to document the information that you obtained in your report.

From my experience speaking with Patrol Officers, Detectives, and Private Investigators, this is what stops most crypto related investigations from moving forward.

It doesn’t need to be this way.

My name is Larry Nielsen. I have over 17 years of experience in law enforcement and over 7 of those years have been as a Detective investigative financial crimes which includes but is not limited to cryptocurrency related financial crimes.

The issue that I see the most in law enforcement with cryptocurrency related financial crimes is that there are still many law enforcement officers out there who do not feel confident taking these cases, interacting with the reporting victims, collecting the required information, and properly documenting that information.

Why is this? Well, there just isn’t a lot of quality training out there on the topic that relates directly to local law enforcement.

You are about to register for that training here. This is training on the focused topc of beginning cryptocurrency related financial crime investigation properly from the standpoint of being local law enforcement interacting with a reporting victim.

You will leave this live training with the knowledge that you need to:

1) feel confident interacting with reporting victim, understnd the information they are relaying and recognize the type of crime/scam they are reporting

2) gather the important information at the beginning of your investigation

3) document the information that you obtained from the victim in your report

Plus you will leave this training with resouces that you can save and use to assist you when beginning these investigations.

You CAN do this.

Join our online event to learn the ropes of kickstarting an investigation into crypto-related financial crimes.

EARLY BIRD discount for the first TEN attendees.