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DESERT SNOW CRIMINAL INTERDICTION TRAINING (1 day) ***NOTE only one 20% off seat is available by clicking the yellow button. Additional registrations go through the training company.***

Classroom (16 hrs): • Current Threats Facing Our Communities • An “All Crimes” Approach To Criminal Interdiction • Combating The Current Opioid Epidemic • How To Conduct A Legal & Systematic Traffic Stop • The Mindset Of A Contraband Smuggler • Steps Taken By Criminals To Avoid Detection • Recognizing Indicators Of Criminal Activity • Pertinent Case Law Relating To Criminal Interdiction • How Defense Attorneys Beat Criminal Cases In Court • Developing Roadside Conversational Skills • Spotting Deceptive Behavior • How and When To Ask For Consent To Search • Officer Safety Issues Pertaining To Interdiction • Identifying Common Vehicle Concealments • Numerous Electronic Compartment Videos • Appropriate Asset Forfeiture Practices • Post Arrest Considerations • Current & Effective Interdiction Resources • Numerous Recent Interdiction Traffic Stop Videos • Review Of Numerous Recent Concealment Video Workshop (8 hrs): • Hands-On Searching Of Actual Vehicles • Car / Pickup / SUV / Van • Exposure To Simulated IED’s • Electronic Compartments Up Close & Personal • Exposure To A Variety Of Simulated Contrabands • Exposure To A Number Of Different Concealments • Tires • Engine Manifolds • Drivelines • False Batteries • Fuel Tanks & More