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Interdiction Tactics

INTERDICTION TACTICS COURSE: Geared to instruct EFFECTIVE TACTICS IN PRO-ACTIVE POLICE WORK. Ranging from consensual encounters with the everyday public, to the day-to-day traffic stops, this two-day seminar breaks down the “how to” when it comes to intercepting criminal activity and WINNING IN THE COURT ROOM. This course is specifically designed to help officers recognize deceptive behaviors, factors of potential criminal activity, and common trends of high-level criminal organizations. Students will learn the dictation of case law and its importance in effecting a constitutionally sound investigation. These case law studies include topics commonly faced in pro-active police work, such as search and seizure, pre-text stops, detainments, and Police K9. Mixed in with all of the above, this instruction incorporates report writing tips, courtroom testimony, rapid vehicle search techniques, traffic law and SAFETY. UTILIZING BODY CAM FOOTAGE OF REAL ENCOUNTERS, attendees will observe these tactics in use and see the success they bring. Instructed by Albert Clark and Bauer Brown. Both currently working on a full-time interdiction task force, patrolling Interstate 40, HWY 60, and HWY 191. Both have been nationally recognized for their tremendous efforts in major drug seizures and countless felony arrests. This instruction is assisted by Deputy County Attorney Jared Robinson, a full time DRUG CASE prosecutor, and Arizona’s Narcotic Officer Association’s DRUG PROSECUTOR OF THE YEAR!