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Reading People: Become a Body Language Expert

Reading People: Becoming a Body Language Expert is one of the most practical seminars you will ever attend as a law enforcement officer.
At its core, police work is a human behavior profession. Your job is to successfully assess the emotional and physical state of a person. Are they dangerous? Are they in need? Are they emotionally or physically in crisis? Are they perpetrators or victims? And you have to do this all in the blink of an eye.
The only way to accomplish that is to become a master at controlling, redirecting and influencing other people’s behavior which begins with Reading People. This one-day seminar will teach officers how to better evaluate body language by accurately reading conscious and unconscious cues, spotting lies and detecting true deception.
We will discuss:

You won’t know what to look for if you don’t know how it works

How are YOU coming across: Aggressive? Uncaring? Accusatory? Empathetic?

Learn consciously what the unconscious already knows

The signs: will you see what the body is saying?

Learn the importance of judging your observation and assessments

Body parts: the eyes, the hands, the face and the feet

The importance of your own body language

The Mehrabian Model: most of the message is in the delivery

The key to active listening