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Realistic De-Escalation “Utah Bundle” (8-Hours) – M20 Solutions

INCLUDES Autism Spectrum Disorder training and will satisfy 8 hours of the 16-hour annual legislative requirement for Utah officers!

Using scientific data derived from the Force Science Institute, this course is designed for police officers who wish to learn techniques to de-escalate potentially volatile situations or to simply gain compliance with difficult subjects. Using the Thought, Emotion and Behavior (TEB) Matrix, officers will learn how to quickly identify what type of subject they have encountered and the best way to gain cooperation with them.

Officers will appreciate that our philosophy is that de-escalation is an outcome, not a tactic. This training is relatable to officers who want to learn these skills but not be fed unrealistic data or expectations from instructors who are not in the profession.

This course focuses heavily on dealing with non-compliant, mentally ill subjects as well as those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). People with ASD may want to cooperate but simply can’t do so in a traditional manner. Officers will learn how to identify those with ASD and apply the TEB Matrix to those situations as well. Instruction on dealing with those suffering from Acute Behavioral Disorder (excited delirium) will also be covered.

This training curriculum is IADLEST Certified. The instructor is a Force Science certified Realistic De-Escalation Instructor in good standing who has also received ASD training through OCALI.