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SRO- The Basics

This 2-day course is taught from over 28 yrs. LEO/SRO experience and will provide officers the
skills and knowledge necessary to work as a competent SRO in the school environment. Being an
SRO is much more than just moving a police officer from a patrol position to inside a school building.
In order to be SUCCESSFUL, School Resource Officers will have to recognize and make changes in
their policing mentality, identify their new role, understand the value of available resources and
requires specific knowledge of the critical rules and laws that govern school policing. Areas like
Miranda, search and seizure, free speech and expression are considerably different in schools than
anywhere else. Working with special populations (autistic and special needs) students, parent
interaction, class presentation and many more subjects are covered.
This course is specifically designed for TWO DAYS and loaded with pertinent information, not
stuffed with filler material simply to charge more for an extra day or three.

Instructor- Justin Chapman (Ret.Capt.) served 28 yrs. as a police officer of which decades were spent working as,
with or supervising SRO’s. He has been teaching this course to school and law enforcement personnel
since 2007, while adjusting some subject matter in an effort to keep up with the change in times and
trends on the topic. He has a passion for the SRO position and the student’s lives.