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SWAT Team Leader Development

This course is designed for law enforcement personnel who are responsible for deploying in the capacity as a SWAT Team Leader
or as a supervisor who is responsible for the training and deployment of tactical teams. The focus of this training will be on preincident training, planning, organizing, and the tactical decision-making process used in the resolution of high-risk operations. Also
included in the curriculum is an overview of SWAT training topics including selection and testing, training issues and liability,
national SWAT standards and critical incident reviews. Practical applications will consist of scouting and planning warrants, small
team planning, tactics used in the resolution of critical incidents, and the review of tactical incidents and videos. Attendees will
participate in-group discussions, write operations orders, and develop training plans, plus critique and evaluate tactics and
decisions based on a principle based SWAT decision-making process.
*** It is highly recommended that students bring a laptop computer to class.