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The Investigators Art of Interviews & Interrogations

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An IADLEST Certified Course

About Us…
Proudly Serving Public Safety Since 1981
The BowMac team serves the public safety community by offering the highest-quality, hands-on learning courses. Our Interview & Interrogation instructors average tenure is between 20-40 years of actual hands on, investigative, law enforcement experience.
Criminal Investigators will learn…

• The basic elements of a non-accusatory (witness, victim) interview
• Applicable techniques and question formulation for interviewing witnesses, victims, and informants
• The seven (7) steps/phases of interrogation
• The physiological responses that demonstrate truthful and deceptive answers,
• Effective strategies for building rapport with people
• Suspect elimination methods
• Handling negative responses and objections
• How to get meaningful responses.
• Calibrate an individual’s communication strategy,
• How to formulate questions and statements to elicit physiological mannerisms from the suspect,
• How to select an untruthful or deceptive person from a group of truthful individuals
• How to prepare oral or written confessions for meaningful presentation in court proceedings.

We are proud that this nationally renowned course has earned the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training (IADLEST) National Certification Program Seal of excellence.