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TRICOM Tactical Clinch Instructor Cert & Close-Quarters Firearms Integration Tactics (CQ-FIT)

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DAY 1 & 2: Tactical Clinch
Day 3: CQ-FIT

This 3 day course will encompass two separate topics, TACTICAL CLINCH (Clinch Engagements in a Weapons Based Environment) and CQ-FIT (Close Quarters Firearms Integration Tactics.) The first 2 days are an Instructor Certification for TACTICAL CLINCH. The 3rd day is supplemental material focused on integrating firearms into extreme-close quarters lethal force encounters to include threats from firearms and edged/impact weapons. Participants must attend the first 2 days be be certified as an Instructor in TRICOM Tactical Clinch. The 3rd day meets part of the instructor candidate requirements for CQ-FIT Instructor.


Course Description

This course addresses extreme-close-quarter situations where you and a subject have hold of one another in a physical struggle for control, positions that are commonly referred to as clinches. We will be addressing the pros and cons involved with common “clinch” techniques taught in combat sports, and how to modify these techniques to make them appropriate to self-defense in potentially weapons-based environments. This applies to law enforcement, military, security personnel, and self-defense enthusiasts.

This course includes at a minimum:

– Why we prioritize Outside Line in the clinch, and management of both Inside Line and Outside Line positions.

– Footwork, angles, safe approach, and contact with subjects both cooperative and aggressive.

– Takedowns to Control and Custody from clinch positions.

– Strikes, checks, and distraction techniques from the clinch.

-Weapon access and transitions from the clinch.

-Weapon defenses from the clinch.


Course Description

Statistically, around 70% of defensive shootings happen between arms-reach and 10ft. The Close-Quarters Firearms Integration Tactics program (CQ-FIT) focuses on surviving lethal force encounters within these extremely close ranges, to include firearms and edged-weapon based assaults. To increase the probability of survival at these ranges, we train a full integration of empty-hand fighting, firearms, edged and impact weaponry.

This will be a NON-Live Fire training day to hone and refine CQ-FIT Tactics

The TRICOM program (TRI-ANGLE COMBATIVES) is the result of 40 years of martial arts experience coupled with 22 years of experience teaching police and military Defensive Tactics and Combatives, and is based on the tactics of Kali (Filipino Martial Arts) and supplemented with various striking and grappling disciplines. The TRICOM modules have been taught to Special Operations and Instructors from police and military units across North and South America, West and East Europe, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australasia and the Middle East.

The instructor for this course, TRICOM founder and Chief Instructor Jared Wihongi, world-renowned Close Quarters Combat Instructor. He is a 40 year student of multiple martial arts and combatives systems, and holds advanced ranks in the Filipino Martial Art called Pekiti-Tirsia Kali. He has 24 years of experience in law enforcement in the State of Utah (both full-time and Reserve), 20 of which have been working on SWAT Teams and as a Use-of-Force Instructor.
Participants in this course must be current LE/Mil, credentialed security professionals, hold a current Concealed Firearms Permit, or furnish a recent criminal background clearance that can be acquired online from most State government entities.


Training t-shirt / top, 5.11 or BDU cargo pants, indoor mat shoes (socks or bare feet are optional.)

Duty belt, holster, Blue/SIRT training gun or similar.

Personal training knife; or one may be provided

All participants are responsible for their own meals, snacks and hydration

DO NOT bring any live firearms or blades into the training environment


All participants are responsible for their own accommodations. Contact us for recommendations in the area.


Government agencies may pay be check or online invoice.

We ask that all course participants register individually.

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Registration Page: https://events.eventzilla.net/e/tricom-9th-annual-instructor-conference-2138613520