RAiDER Solo Engagement Training

Utah Tech University 225 S 700 E, St George, UT, United States

The RAiDER Training program exposes first-on-scene responders to the tactical skills necessary to operate successfully in the unique tensions of an active shooter setting – a hostile environment, populated by large numbers of civilians, with an Active Killer attempting to achieve the highest body count possible in the shortest amount […]

$595 – $995

Active Assailant Solo Officer Responses -RAiDER

Wasatch County Sheriff's Office 1361 S. Highway 40, Heber City, Utah

Solo-Engagement Tactics There will always be a first officer on the scene. If he or she waits for more officers. Solo-engagement training is designed to provide officers with the necessary mental and physical skills to draw the attention of the active shooter away from the potential victims, confuse and frustrate […]

$595 – $995

ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

Scholar Academy 928 N 100 E, Tooele, UT, United States

This 2-Day Instructor training course is designed to teach participants the skills and strategies to increase survivability during the gap between the time a violent event occurs, and law enforcement arrives. Upon successful completion of this course, you will be a Certified ALICE Instructor and will have the knowledge and […]


“Active Assailant for Communications”

The Public Safety Group Presents: "Active Assailant for Communications” The most comprehensive Active Shooter class for Dispatchers on the market. Just Updated! TOPICS INCLUDE: The dispatcher’s role What is an Active Shooter? History of the Active Shooter Law Enforcement response Fire/EMS response Call taking Dispatching techniques The School Shooter Case […]