Reid Interview & Interrogation Course

128 North 100 East (Joseph D. Adams Public Safety Building), Lehi 128 North 100 East, Lehi, UT, United States

SEMINAR TOPICS INCLUDE Interview and Interrogation Preparation Distinction Between an Interview and Interrogation Proper Room Environment Factors Affecting the Subject's Behavior BEHAVIOR SYMPTOM ANALYSIS Evaluating Attitudes Evaluating Nonverbal Behavior Evaluating Verbal Behavior Evaluating Paralinguistic Behavior BEHAVIOR ANALYSIS INTERVIEW The Benefits of Conducting the interview prior to any interrogation Analyzing Factual […]


Basic Field Training Officer (FTO)

Bridgerland Technical College 1301 North 600 West, Logan, UT, United States

The National Association of Field Training Officers continues preparing your Field Training Unit for the challenges of 21st century policing by providing a comprehensive and client-oriented curriculum. NAFTO, in conjunction with the Bridgerland Technical College, is proud to offer our Basic Field Training Officer Course in Logan, Utah. This training […]


28th Annual Homicide Investigator’s School – Mass Shooting Investigtions

Best Western Cotton Tree Inn 10695 S Automall Drive, Sandy, UT, United States

Currenty, there is more than one mass shooting in America PER DAY. From Jacksonville a few days ago to Mandalay Bay Concert Shooting in 2017, this has become an epidemic in America. Why is this a problem in America when other countries such as Japan, Germany, Canada and other 1st […]


Utah Case Law – Street Cop Training

10655 S Redwood Rd, South Jordan 10655 S Redwood Rd, South Jordan, UT, United States

The days of police officers relying on “what we’ve heard” and leaning on “we’ve always done it that way” are over! Police officers must know what the courts have deemed acceptable procedure in order to perform their duties in a constitutionally compliant manner in today’s modern policing. Having an in-depth […]


All Types of Drug Interdiction

10000 S. Centennial Pkwy, Sandy City 10000 S. Centennial Pkwy, Sandy, UT, United States

Drug Interdiction is using behavior and actions of a person to identify them as a person involved in the Drug Trade. Drug Interdiction can be done at all levels of the Drug Trade. This course will include interdiction on highways, bus stations, storage units, hotels, street level drug dealers and […]


1st Responder Mental Health and Wellness

Davis Conference Center 1651 N 700 W, Layton, UT, United States

Co-hosted by Brigham City Police Department Endorsed by Centerville Police Department, Price City Police Department, Brigham City Fire Department, Roy City Fire Department, Utah Fraternal Order of Police and Snowbird Resort Our two-day multifaceted training and networking events are for all 1st Responders, Police, Fire, EMS, Dispatchers, Military/Veterans, Corrections, Coroners, […]


The Brick Wall: Stopping Crime On Our Roadways

10000 S. Centennial Pkwy, Sandy City 10000 S. Centennial Pkwy, Sandy, UT, United States

This course is designed for the pro-active police officer looking to expand their knowledge of criminal interdiction. The instructor has developed a program for both rookie and seasoned officers to better understand how Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO’S) operate and how to best position yourself to win during a traffic stop. […]