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Basic Death Investigation & Crime Scene Management

The “Basic Death Investigation” course provided by Death Investigation 101 LLC consists of introductory information regarding the process of investigating death scenes, learning to recognize key indicators at the scene, information gathering, and protocol. The class is presented with power point presentation (All Rights Reserved), interactive class discussion, verbal group quizzes, Digital handouts, and a final written examination (If required by P.O.S.T.)
As important as homicide investigation is, the majority of death scenes investigated by law enforcement do not fall into that category, but into the categories of accidents, suicides, and natural deaths. This class will help investigators recognized the differences involved with multiple types of death scenes.
The course is designed for members of law enforcement with all degrees of experience from the rookie officer to the seasoned detective. The basis for this training is to assist new officers in forming a firm foundation in death scene investigation that can be built upon throughout their career. In turn, it will also lend to the seasoned veteran officer a refresher to reaffirm their own foundation of investigative skills.