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FLETC Leadership for Women in Law Enforcement

The LWLE is a training program designed to explore challenges for women in the law enforcement profession. Participation is gender-neutral, and FLETC encourages all interested persons to participate. This program will proactively foster and support inclusiveness while facilitating open, candid discussions and activities to develop leadership skills, improve resiliency, and foster understanding about challenges that a female law enforcement officer may encounter. Competency areas include understanding and adapting to human behaviors, communication skills, team building, decision-making, gender differences, and emotional intelligence. While communicating life and work-related experiences, participants will develop themselves and others through lecture, labs, role play, case studies, and self-directed learning. Topics and questions will be selected by participants for a group of diverse law enforcement executives who will lead a round table discussion. One on one instructor led counseling will be available upon request to support growth and improvement in emotional intelligence.