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Force Science

The Human Dynamics and Conflict Resolution law enforcement training program is an introduction to the psychological and physiological factors that affect threat assessment, sensory perception, decision, performance and memory. The course applies these concepts to high-stress and life-threatening encounters in a law enforcement context.
*How attention, decision-making and response dynamics influence reaction time.
*How adrenaline, attention and trigger speed affect shooting performance.
*How video recordings’ capabilities and limitations may affect viewer perception of events.
*How popular firearm tactics can increase the risk of armed encounters.
*How critical incidents can affect memory.
*How investigators can improve the accuracy of recall in interview subjects.
*How the speed of assault influences de-escalation strategies and tactics.
*How the speed of assault, prone threats, attention and exhaustion can affect traffic stop and investigative approaches.
*How the aforementioned factors can affect the memory and performance of all participants in a critical incident.

The latest version of the course includes up-to-date material that will change the way participants view video recordings, such as those from body cams.