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Interview & Interrogation (Experienced Cops Teaching Cops) (3 day)

This is a comprehensive and fun, 3-day Interview and Interrogation course, taught by a team of experienced investigators. Check out the course announcement for additional details and instructor bios. Course Overview: Behavior Analysis; Detecting Deception; Eliciting the Truth; Liability Awareness; Interrogation Law. Student testimonial: “Incredible class with amazing real world instruction. I have been taking law enforcement classes for over 30 years and by far this is the best presented and useful. I have attended several other interview classes and while useful, this class gave a full spectrum 360 degree realistic application. It has for sure transformed my perspective of interviews from a task, to a one of applying techniques that I can comfortably navigate in, enjoy, and improve upon. I look forward to applying these techniques and perspectives in my real world lab. Please keep preparing law enforcement for opportunities for success.” -Detective Brian Dale, Portland (OR) Police Bureau