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Realistic De-Escalation Instructor Course

This course thoroughly dissects the complex concept of “de-escalation” and the many elements in determining its feasibility or effectiveness in various encounter types. This deep dive into de-escalation is valuable to line officers, investigators, and administrators who called in to review force events after the fact. All these parties will need to determine to what extent de-escalation techniques are feasible in specific high-pressure and rapidly unfolding encounters.

This course is designed for law enforcement trainers, whether they deal with street officers, field supervisors, investigators, attorneys, administrators, or any other group within law enforcement. Instead of being based on the rhetoric around the emotionally charged subject of police use-of-force encounters and the specter of excessive force, the curriculum is based on unbiased scientific realities. Force Science’s research into human behavior as it applies to high-pressure encounters and de-escalation provides essential insights for law enforcement personnel at all levels and is designed to be the basis for de-escalation training for police.

Course Features

1 Expert Instructor
16 Training Hours
Materials Provided to Help Build Your Own De-Escalation Training Program